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Quality Overview

Pandawill strives to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing them with high quality products and services. Quality isn’t a rule applied at the end of the process, it is a fundamental approach to every aspect of data handling, manufacture, raw materials and the engineering and technical support that we provide.

We are ISO9001 approved, UL accredited and ISO14001 to ensure that environmental issues are taken into account when manufacturing your product with absolute excellence. The production strictly follow IPC class 2 and all materials used for production or special applications are the highest performing grades commercially available.

We have established a well organized quality control system to check each process of the production.

PCB Quality

✓ All PCBs are 100% electrically inspected either by flying probe or Fixture.

 All PCBs will be supplied in panels that do not contain X-outs in order to assist your assembly process.

✓ All PCBs are supplied packaging in vacuum sealed packages to avoid dust or humidity.


Components Sourcing

 All parts are from original manufacturer or authorized distributor to avoid second hand parts.

 Professional IQC with dedicated component test laboratory including X-ray, microscopes, electrical comparators.

 Experienced purchasing team. We only purchase components you specify.


PCB Assembly

✓ Experience engineers and skilled production employees.

✓ IPC-A-610 II manufacturing standards, RoHS and Non RoHS manufacturing.

✓ extensive testing capabilities including AOI, ICT, Flying probe, X-ray inspection, Burn-in test and Function test.